Who are we?


Our mission here at HelpStopCoronavirus, is to help educate and inform families across the globe about the novel coronavirus, COVID-19.


We love our family, just as I am sure you love yours.  This is why we decided to create this website to help folks stay educated on the status of this new threat to the health and safety of families.  Our goal is to keep adding as much up-to-date information and give everyone one place to stay informed about the Wuhan Novel CoronaVirus, COVID 19 (SARS-COV-2).

Our mission is to help offer solutions to the many issues that this disruptive Virus is causing to us all including helping find replacements for shortages of much needed items like medicine, masks, cleaners, food and other essentials as they become harder to buy.   This is a tough time ahead of us all and we need to work together to get through it with our families.

For COVID 19 – CoronaVirus, education is the best defense we all have to fight it.  So please take time to check out the information to better educate you and your loved ones so you can stay protected.   Should you have any information you wish to share or see on this site that you think is missing or would be beneficial, please simple reach out to us at Contact@HelpStopCoronaVirus.org.

This website contains affiliate links, meaning that if you decide to purchase any of those items, we will be paid a small percentage of whatever you buy. Please do not feel pressured to use the links – we have provided them only to help people find supplies and are by no means expected, but greatly appreciated.

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