What Do I need?

Preparation Checklist

Below, we have compiled a checklist of items recommended by the WHO, CDC, and more along with links to places that you can buy them. Consider stocking up on some of these essentials to be prepared for the novel coronavirus and protect those that you love. Please let us know if you find anything that’s missing or not in stock. It is our priority to try to keep all of our links up to date, and in stock. 

Below are affiliate links connected to amazon, meaning that we will be paid if you decide to buy any of them. Whether you decide to purchase any of these is up to you and your family. Money that we make goes toward maintaining and up-keeping HelpStopCoronaVirus.org. 

#1: Toiletries

Basic necessities such as those listed below are always good to have on hand.

#2: Medical

With the epidemic growing, it will become harder and harder to get supplies, so get them now.

#4: Food

The average person only has enough food in their fridge for about a week. How much do you have?

Other Essentials

Other considerations, that you may or may not need to stock up on. 

Worst Case Scenario

We don’t know how long COVID-19 will be a danger to the public. It could be as short as a few weeks, months, or even as long as a year some officials say. As with anything in life, we believe in being prepared for everything – expected and not. Below is a list of supplies for being prepared above and beyond what officials currently recommend. 

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